Welcome to the #WellActually Podcast!

Chris and I (Lyell) decided to start this podcast out of a desire to talk about theology without all the arguing and fruitless debates that typically follow discussions on the Bible . Discussing theological topics (Jesus) shouldn’t be about who’s right or who’s wrong, but should be open ended and laced with heavy amounts of grace. Sure, there are certain hard-line-drawn-in-the-sand type topics that all Christians agree on but even inside some those discussion (see Creation) there are deeper questions found inside the question.

  1. Why do you believe what you believe?
  2. Where did you get the belief?
  3. Can it be backed up with scripture?

When Jesus was confronted with a theological question he always replied with truth and Bible. And by “bible” I mean a scriptural reference (the OT to Jesus). Even his responses that weren’t a direct quote from the Old Testament were some form of truth about what he was on earth to accomplish.

So let’s try that. Instead of approaching theological discussions with a mindset to change someone’s mind, let’s talk Bible and leave all the motives at the front door.

In essence, let’s be more like Jesus.

If you have questions or would like us to discuss a particular topic, reply to one of our podcasts or send us an email to wellactuallypodcast@gmail.com. You can also follow us on twitter @wellactuallypod, follow our RSS feed here , or download our podcasts via iTunes here.